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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


A Nietzschean Pride is a tribe of aligned Nietzschean clans that operate largely as independent nation states. Each pride is composed of various interrelated Nietzschean families, and can vary in size from only a few hundred to tens of thousands. Within a pride, a distinct hierarchy exists, at the top of which is the pride's Alpha male, who is to be the pride's greatest warrior and political leader. The alpha male acts as the supreme commander of his respective pride, being tasked with defending it in times of conflict and acquiring new territories to increase the pride's influence. Conversely, there is also a position given to the group's most capable woman, who is known and referred to as the alpha female. While not having the same authority as their male counterparts, the position of Alpha female, or "Matriarch" as they are often called, is still significant, as it is she who is expected to manage the arrangement of marriages, and determine the genetic fitness of Nietzscheans who may wish to join the pride. In arranging marriages based on genetic compatibility, the Matriarch helps to ensure that the pride's gene lineage is uncorrupted by those considered to be undesirables, thus maintaining and increasing a pride's genetic superiority, and making them more powerful.

While this is the basic structure of any pride, it would appear that not all groups use these standard classifications, and some have their own modified social structure. The Sabra and Jaguar Prides are perfect examples of this, as they use titles like "Archduke" and "First Daughter", which denote the existence of a royal family or nobility within both prides that is hereditary, in contrast to most other prides who operate under a more meritocratic system.

The first pride created was that of Paul Museveni, for whom it would be named in the earliest days of the Nietzschean people. Over the years, this pride would splinter into several separate factions, with the first to break away being Pride Drago, founded by and named for the progenitor, Drago Museveni. Pride Drago would later form an alliance with the Kazov clan to create the Drago-Kazov Pride.

List of Known Nietzschean Prides[]