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Nutron Bomb

Dylan Hunt holding Elssbett's Neutron Bomb


A Neutron Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction which operates on similar principles to those of a standard nuclear device. The weapon itself uses neutrons to destabilize surrounding atoms, causing a devastating explosion. Like all nuclear devices, it releases a number of different forms of energy, mainly different types of radiation capable of harming and killing humanoid life. Therefore, a neutron bomb is considered the perfect weapon for planetary inavasion. However, it can cause the transmutation of heavy metals (typically used to stop EM radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays) into radioactive isotopes. Several versions of the devices are scaled down to the point where they can be disguised as a large grenade. Nietzscheans are known to utilize such weapons.

Elssbett Mossadim-Bolivar of the Sabra Pride secretly stashed one such device amongst her luggage while she was traveling to finalize her arranged marriage to Jaguar Pride's first son, Charlemagne Bolivar. Elssbett intended to use the marriage as an opportunity to assassinate the whole leadership of Pride Jaguar, even though it involved killing herself in the process. Captain Dylan Hunt uncovered the weapon, which he mistakenly believed was a tactical nuke, which Mossadim then revealed it to be a neutron bomb. The bomb Mossadim carried was considered large enough to kill everyone in Pride Jaguar's capital city, and small enough to leave the buildings intact. ("The Honey Offering")


  • A neutron bomb is supposed, as stated above, to kill living forms but leave the infrastructure intact. This is, however, a convenient and often perpetuated fallacy used by writers for convenience, since the detonation impact of a neutron bomb, whilst not as complete in its obliteration as a comparable fission device, is very considerable. The true advantage, if it can be called that, is the dissipation in air of the radiation created, causing the residual and distant effects to be massively diminished.


Dylan: I almost forgot the highlight. A pocket nuke.
Elssbett: Actually, a Neutron bomb.
Dylan: Oh. Just big enough to kill everyone in Pride Jaguar's capital city.
Elssbett: But leave the buildings intact.



Elssbett's Neutron Bomb in the storage locker