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The Negative Energy bomb is a powerful weapon, with similar capabilities to a Nova bomb. It is a large missile that is on Glorious Heritage Class starships and is housed inside a silo on deck 12. The targeting systems are quite primitive under manual control, as Harper puts it as "looking through a periscope", with the AI control being better in the targeting systems to fire the missile. The Missile is capable of destroying a Magog Satellite Ship and may even be able to destroy the Magog World Ship. However, a Glorious Heritage Class has very few Negative Energy bombs, and there is not really a need to use it, exept in dire situations. It is classified as a "strategic weapon" which makes using it in most situations out of the question. ("Symmetry of Imperfection")

Instances Used[]

It is known that the Negative Energy Bomb was used once by the Andromeda Ascendant to eliminate a Magog Satellite Ship.


Beka Valentine: Well, we can't use the Maru to fight the satellite ship. Destroying something that size would take Andromeda's Negative Energy bomb, at least. 


Silo Computer 1


Negative energy bomb in the silo 1


NEB away 1


Destruction of Satellite ship by NEB 1