Ne'Holland is an isolationist, somewhat backwards and xenophobic-seeming planet, with a medieval or feudal style of dominant government, and the zeal of the Borgias when it comes to poltical machinations and back-stabbing. In "The Prince", a case of "The king is dead. Long live the king!" has not gone quite to plan, and the new, as yet uncrowned, monarch, still titled Prince Erik, has had two co-regents, Dylan Hunt and Tyr, foisted on him by his father's dying breath. Archduke Constantine considers himself the planet's rightful ruler because of his lands and power, and seeks an allaince with Tyr to dispose of this "turbulent prince" and install himself as king, where he will naturally repay those who made possible his coronation. The waters get even murkier as the depradations and corruption of King Florin, come to light, and the future of the whole world seems to hinge on Tyr and Dylan's decisions. They elect to place Erik on the throne, but "tutor" him in such a manner that he declares, as his first royal act, the establishment of a democracy on Ne'Holland, to avoid in future the kind of strife which has just claimed the lives of the barons.


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