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Natassia Malthe
Gender: Female
Character: Tolek
Birthday: January 19, 1974
Birth Place: Oslo, Norway
Appearances: So Burn the Untamed Lands

Natassia Malthe is an actress and professional model. During her childhood, she moved all over the world, living in such places as Norway, Canada, and Scotland, where in every country she participated in prestigious dance and theater programs. She lived in London for a brief period of time, where she studied musical theater, before moving back to Canada, where she began her career in acting. She has been on several "Hot" lists, as well as being featured on the cover of Maxim magazine.

She appeared in two "BloodRayne" films, as well as "Lake Placid," "DOA: Dead or Alive," "Elektra," "In the Name of the King 2," "Alone in the Dark II," and a reteaming with Andromeda star Kevin Sorbo in the 2012 film "Black Box." Her most recognized work in recent years was co-starring in 2018's "Alpha," which was a box-office success and generally praised by critics.