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Nanobots being cultivated by Seamus Harper in dishes before deployment


Nanotechnology is a form of microengineering that involves manipulating materials at the molecular level to create machines that are microscopic. It is a widespread technology throughout the Known Worlds, incorporated in every appliance, building and vehicle. Virtually every appliance, building and vehicle in the Commonwealth has nanotech components deployed for a variety of purposes.


Nanobots are used to repair damage, to cool engines, create parts, to help with safety and to ground engineers. They are also used in the flexis; for example, when a High Guard ship needs replacement parts, small nano-machines can be used to assemble them molecule by molecule. More nano-machines continuously maintain and repair systems, minimizing failures and breakdowns.


Almost every medical science uses nanobots. They can be injected to repair internal bleeding, to help blood clot and to heal wounds. Commonwealth citizens even carry nano-machines inside their bodies, providing protection from disease and infection, as well as repairing and maintaining organs to keep them in top condition. Some people also inject nanobots to prolong their life.


Nanobots are used extensively on High Guard ships. They are used to break down Asteroids that are pulled on board to extract useful minerals subsequently used to absorb missile damage and repair the ship's hull. They can also be used to clean the hulls of toxic waste and Artificial Gravity Mass Packets. They are also used in Force lance smart bullets. Others nanobots defend against attacks from hostile nanomachines (which have a long history of use as weapons in modern warfare).