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Multiple kill vehicles being released from the main housing


A Multiple Independent Kill Vehicle, also known as an MIKV, is a special missile delivery system that contains as many as a dozen independently targeting warheads. They are used mainly for the element of surprise, as the smaller kill vehicles contained inside the launched vehicle are usually used to try and overwhelm a target, because single missile would appear on an enemies scanners and then, when within a preset range, split into dozens of smaller independent warheads. Usually anti-missile systems like Point Defense Lasers are overwhelmed by this kind of barrage. MIKVs are also extremely effective and efficient for large scale bombardment of a given region, as they can be used in a manner similar to clusterbombs. Usually only Systems Commonwealth vessels use them, but galactic powers like the Than-Thre-Kull, and the Nietzscheans have been known to use them. During the Long Night they were used prolifically, although in the modern era they are mostly deployed in ship-to-ship combat.

The Andromeda Ascendant uses the PM-6LII Strategic Star Arrow as the main payload in her MIKVs.