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Lem carrying out his orders

Lem, a Mugani


The Mugani are the indigenous race of Cascada. Their world was covered in swamps, giving birth to their name, which means the "reed people". The Mugani are a hunter race, but colonists arrived and drained the swamps, and forced the aboriginal Mudani on digging Thorium 232, a highly radioactive substance. The colonists were only mentioned to have come from "the company". Though this hardly narrows it down, it wouldn't be out of character for it to be an operation of the Free Trade Alliance. Humans look down on the Mugani in general, often referring to them insultingly as "mug-womps". The only Mugani shown in "Be All My Sins Remembered" was Lem, an associate of Bobby Jensen.

Though the Mugani have only been shoved into the realm of modern technology within the past couple generations (Lem's grandfather was a great hunter of the old culture), they have adapted at an impressive speed to modern weapons and devices. Mugani are very trusting of action, not understanding differing motive. Most Mugani believed in Bobby and Margot as fellow resistance members, not realizing that they were planning on becoming their rulers once the colonists were gone.