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A Monomolecular Lash, also known as an "M-Lash", is a small device that projects a single strand of high energy molecules, creating a whip capable of slicing through almost any object. These weapons are described as being extremely difficult to control, although certain wielders of this weapon are able to use them effortlessly. Usage inside a ship is extremely dangerous, due to the lash's ability to tear straight through the hull of the vessel, and cause a serious hull breach, killing the user as well as any other occupants, as they would be exposed to hard vacuum.

Elssbett Mossadim-Bolivar of the Sabra Pride stored one such device in her belongings during her voyage to the Jaguar homeworld to enter into an arranged marriage to Charlemagne Bolivar of Jaguar Pride. When Captain Dylan Hunt discovered that Elssbet intended to kill Bolivar and the rest of the Jaguar leadership, she attempted to murder Hunt with her monomolecular lash. She later used the lash at the hotel to kill the Drago-Kazov Pride assassins.