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Viceroy Moldar is the embodiment of every Napoleonic complex in Human history and the absolute power on Phrynia. He becomes violent with his own people when kept waiting by Dylan Hunt, and needs to show the larger man his physical puissance and political prowess. Moldar was manipulated by Dylan and Rox Nava into believing they would both be his partners (Nava was already working for him) in his smuggling operations of the Biological Armor which would prove to be living. Cavava, Moldar's supplier, was however put permanently out of business when she revealed her true form and attacked Dylan in the Andromeda Ascendant's cargo hold, and was frozen solid by the AI. Presumably, Moldar went back to his world and found other avenues of income dependent on the galaxy's never-ending need for conflict. ("The Spider's Stratagem")

Moldar was played by John Cassini.