The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Greater Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 15,100 km
Societal information
Species: 98% human
2% Nietzschean
Population: 6.1 billion
Events: Assasination of dictator Ferrin by Systems Commonwealth officers Dylan Hunt and Gaheris Rhade
Technical information
Defenses: Unknown


Mobius was settled in CY 8119 by xenophobic humans who opposed humanity's close integration into the Commonwealth and its many advanced alien species. Mobius was ruled for centuries by a series of dictators, some benevolent, some tyrannical. The Commonwealth gave Mobius a wide berth until CY 9780, when supreme leader Ferrin began a campaign of aggression against neighboring non-aligned systems.

The Systems Commonwealth soon decided to take down the dictatorship. They sent in Dylan Hunt and Gaheris Rhade to depose Ferrin in a peaceful mission. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, for 2 men were killed and Ferrin was gunned down by the High Guard officers when he tried to attack them. Mobius gained a Commonwealth backed provisional government which promised to bring democracy to its long-suffering people.

Unfortunately, the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War plunged Mobius into anarchy. After 300 years, under the self-styled Great Compass Venetri (who had served as Chief Architect under the Ferrin administration), who claimed to be preserving stability in the face of domestic chaos and foreign aggression. After all those centuries of fighting, he blamed Dylan for Mobius' fall.

In CY 10087 Venetri turned power over to a new government of national unity, which is in the process of liberalizing the government and even beginning negotiations to sign the restored Systems Commonwealth charter. After granting himself amnesty for any crimes and abuses he may have committed during 3 centuries in power, former leader Venetri vanished. His present whereabouts are unknown.


  • The repetitive nature of local history is foreshadowed in the planet's name, being derived from the Möbius strip.