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Misabo Ahm
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Planet of Origin: Ganglia Drift
Profession: High Priestess
Status: Alive
Played By: Chelah Horsdal
"...Knock, knock, knock on the devil's door.
Do not invite him to dinner; his beasts will come for more."
High Priestess Misabo Ahm in Triumvirate War Council
("Abridging the Devil's Divide")


Misabo Ahm appeared in "Pieces of Eight" as the High Priestess of the Prescient.


  • Misabo: "We came from the light. It's a place that no longer exists."
  • Dylan: "No longer exists. This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the Abyss or the Magog, now, would it?"
  • Misabo: "They go by many names. We escaped death only to be captured by Nietzscheans. We were passed from hand to hand, planet to planet. At times it was all we could do to keep the darkness at bay. We ended here."