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Mino Tabascalli
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Shintaido
Status: Dead
Played By: Jesai Jayhmes


Dr. Mino Tabascalli appeared in "In Heaven Now Are Three". He led a mission to Shintaido to discover and claim the Engine of Creation. Hie and his entire team were killed at the Rock of Refuge.


  • Mino refers to several places in Japan.


"Shintaido, a planet beautiful in its natural brutality. Blessed by a dazzling assortment of deadly creatures, and brilliant under its bloodlit skies." 

"However, I, Professor Mino Tabascalli, will brave Shintaido's deadly traps, tame its unseen enemies, and locate its Temple of Spirits. And at long last, hold in these, my hands, the legendary Engine of Creation. I will accomplish what hundreds before me have perished trying to accomplish."