The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 3,900 km
Climate: Varied
Water coverage: 76%
Societal information
Species: 95% Human
5% Nietzschean
Population: 800 million
Events: Tyr Anasazi crashed on this planet while evading Dragon forces after he stole Drago Museveni's remains.
Technical information
Defenses: Nietzschean Home Guard


Largely unsettled during the Commonwealth era, Midden served as a haven of last resort for refugees during the Nietzschean Uprising. Occupied for three centuries by the Drago-Kazov Pride, Midden is a key supplier of agricultural products to Enga's Redoubt. Perhaps this dependency explains the brutality with which periodic revolts on Midden have been crushed by the world's Nietzschean masters. Tyr Anasazi was taken care of here by Human slaves after he crashed in the Eureka Maru, having been shot down by Nietzschean Garuda class fighters. The humans took care of him because if anyone ever found out that he had died, they thought that they would be killed for allowing it to happen.


  • Midden is a late Medieval English word meaning "rubbish heap". It was often the last resort of the dispossessed and starving, as the last hope of somewhere to find something to eat, or a degree of shelter from the elements.