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The Methus Plate is a technological blueprint containing the original architecture of the twin Vedran suns of the artificially created Seefra System. The Vedrans constructed this haven during Long Night hoping to create a place of peace separate from what they saw as a violent universe. However, selfishness and greed took hold of their inhabitants who renewed conflict with one another leading to the Vedrans creating a fear of technology amongst the inhabitants before their departure. ("The Eschatology of Our Present")

However, in time, the entire system began to slowly collapse and, for reasons unknown, the Methus Plate was shattered into different fragments. One such fragment was located on Seefra-1 at Boyagen where it was entrusted in the care of a man called Avineri. He in turn hid the box containing the fragment behind a wall that used Vedran technology to make the surface solid unless a person who claimed to be his daughter, Mala Propina, placed her hand on it. ("The Eschatology of Our Present")

Beka Valentine was contacted by Virgil Vox claimed that she was the salvation of the Seefra System and asked her to retrieve a treasure at Boyagen. Once there, she entered into a VR environment where she was told the origins of the Seefra System. In addition, she was informed that Dylan Hunt would help outline the architecture of the suns by using the Methus Plate to fix the artificial stars. Valentine later retrieved the Methus Plate only to learn it was a fragment and was afterwards kept aboard the Andromeda Ascendant. ("The Eschatology of Our Present")