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Twin star of the Seefra system.


The stars true nature.


Avatars at the Fusion Chamber.


Methus-2 is the second star located in the Seefra System and serves as a sister star to Methus-1.

In reality, similar to the entire Seefra System, Methus-2 is actually an artificial construct that was created by the Vedrans after they abandoned Known Space in the time of the Long Night. Its design consisted of a core with deuterium being present within carbon fibres in the skeletal framework of the artificial sun. Methus-2's construction is similar in concept to that employed by Vedran starship design and had a core that was able to alter its configuration in order to deter any saboteurs that entered its internal framework. The star operated in the isolated star system inhabited by the Seefrans though it suffered from a flaw that prevented it from operating at full capacity. Though seen as a broken machine, the star actually had a malevolent presence in the form of a member of the Lambent Kith Nebula and it was suspected the star had its own Avatar, Virgil Vox. ("Saving Light from a Black Sun")

During the course of its existence, the flaw in Methus-2 led it to intermittently black out. These moments were only brief 30 minute window when the sun was dormant and was able to allow individuals to travel into its internal structure. Such events are occasions for celebrations by Seefrans.

The Vedrans left blocks that had carbon nanofibres embedded in them that detailed the design schematics of Methus-2. Seamus Harper had his friends steal the carbon block from a religious group in order to access the data within in order to allow a repair team from the Andromeda Ascendant to repair the star. They manage to deactivate the star for three hours to begin the process where they attempted to take some of the Deuterium from Methus-2's structure whilst repairing the core thus leading it to become active. Unknown to Captain Dylan Hunt was unaware that a member of the Lambent Kith Nebula replaced Trance Gemini with one of their own. ("Saving Light from a Black Sun")


Doyle: I see. So the furnace is on the fritz because Methus Two hasn't seen a fix it crew in while.
Dylan: Trance, Methus Two is disintegrating from the inside out.