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Max Lincoln
Max Lincoln
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Profession: Commonwealth Security
Rank: First Officer
Status: Alive
Played By: Tonjha Richardson


Max Lincoln is a First Officer for the Systems Commonwealth Security's Third District of System Nine in the Marinell Division.

Believing them to be onboard, she ordered the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant to turn over Dylan and Harper to her custody, not believing Beka when she told her that they weren't onboard. ("The Shards Of Rimni")


Lincoln [on viewscreen]: Under Commonwealth authority, I demand you relinquish Captain Dylan Hunt and Seamus Harper to my custody immediately.
Beka: And you are?
Lincoln [on viewscreen]: First Officer Max Lincoln, Commonwealth Security, Third District, Marinell Division, System nine. Do you people even understand the gravity of the charges?
Tyr: No. No, First Officer Max Lincoln, we don't understand.
Lincoln [on viewscreen]: I'm authorised to give you two days to turn the suspects over to me, or I'll report your insubordination to my superiors and you can deal with the consequences.
Beka: Look, Officer Max. We don't have Dylan or Harper. We don't even know where they are.
Lincoln [on viewscreen]: That's unacceptable.
Beka: Unacceptable?
Lincoln [on viewscreen]: He's on board, isn't he. Turn yourself in, Captain Hunt.