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Master Thux
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Seefra-1
Status: Unknown
Played By: Rick Faraci


Master Thux appeared in "The Past is Prolix". He was a dangerous gangster who sought to kill Ocham Sembler. Desperate, Sembler tracked down Harper for help who tried to hide him in the tunnels with Orlund. Sembler stole the crystals that operated the Vedran Gates to bargain for his life. Thux and his henchmen tortured and killed Sembler for not knowing how to operate them. He then abducted Orlund and Dylan Hunt to find out how the crystals could teleport between the Seefra planets. He nearly succeeded until Doyle and Harper helped Dylan and Orlund turn Thux's remote-controlled dogmen on him and run him off. Thux's fate is left unknown.


Thux: "How do I travel between planets? And where do I put the crystals?"
Dylan: "That would be where the sun never shines, pal."
Thux: "That's rude." (laughs)

"I already don't like you."

"I want Sembler. No Sembler, you die."

"This is my town now. And in my town, you play by my rules."

"No one tells me what to do."

"I'm going to count to three. And by two, you drop the crystals or by three, you'll be dead."

"I'm still counting, and by three you die. One, two-three!"



Master Thux and his DogMen