The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Profession: Geneticist
Status: Dead
Played By: Kendall Cross


Marika was a geneticist on Seefra 7. She had a vision of a new Vedran age, and tried making Vedrans of her own using genetic materials that she uncovered, although she was unsuccessful. The resulting test subjects became her guards. She employed Harper to refine her process but still didn't get anywhere.

Annoyed with the lack of success, she began disassembling Harper's creations without anesthetic so as not to taint their cells. While operating on Gogol, one of Harper's faithful creations, Harper convinced her to release the pheromones in public. However, this was a ruse by Harper to allow Dylan Hunt to stop her. While setting off the pheromone in the town, Dylan arrived with Beka, Rhade, and Doyle and gunned down her guards. Marika was overtaken by Doyle and Hunt released one of Harper's fear pheromone which was modified to kill her. ("Phear Phactor Phenom")


"Citizens of Seefra. This is your last morning. A new day, a new vision of life will be granted to others; those who will hear the great tale of woe that once was this town. But your sacrifice will serve as a warning to those that would oppose me. I will not be challenged! For we must all work together to 1 vision. A new Vedran birth! Goodbye Seefra-1."

"I like it when you scheme."

"It won't work, I'm immune."