The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Genderless (Appears female)
Species: Avatar of Hephaistos IV Black Hole
Played By: Monika Schnarre


Marida is the Avatar of the Hephaistos IV Black Hole, on the event horizon of which Dylan was trapped.

When the Andromeda Ascendant was pulled onto the event horizon of a black hole, it, and everything else, froze in time. Its avatar, Marida, pulled Dylan's own essence out of his body, insisting he was her husband who had come home. However, Dylan refused to exist out of linear time and that his loyalty was to the Systems Commonwealth and the Eureka Maru was pulling the Andromeda out.

Five years later, Marida comes back to "claim her husband", and was willing to kill Beka to do it. She sabotaged the Maru to get rid of her. When Dylan confronted her, she plays innocent and disappears into the Virtual Reality matrix. Dylan follows her in, planning on trapping her in a data file. He firsts shows her a missing data file, where he didn't agree to stay with her and she has to let him go. Again, she refuses and uses bits of data to form a whip to attack him. Dylan overpowers her and holds her in a bear hug. As she transfers, she tries to bring Dylan with her, but he physically lets go and she is trapped. He suspects that it may take another 300 years to break out. ("The Opposites of Attraction")


  • Marida is a reference to Mardin.
  • Since they are both portrayed by the same actress, this avatar looks very much like that of the Pax Magellanic.