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Slipfighters Approaching Baal
Location: Cantarax Sector
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Human derivatives
Population: Unknown
Events: Started construction on Nova Bombs
Technical information
Defenses: Orbital defense system


Marduk is a planet that managed to survive the collapse of the Systems Commonwealth and the Long Night. The capital city of the planet is called Baal, and the planet is located in the Cantarax Sector. Armin Krows was one of the planet's leaders who led the government into the Commonwealth with his successor overthrowing the planetary rule as well as establishing a dictatorship over the system leading to the civilian population living a life of oppression. These traits led to Marduk being considered a "rogue" planet during the Long Night.

It was well known for being a heavily defended star system with at least 5 layers of both orbital as well as planetary defenses. In fact, Marduk's defenses were strong enough to easily destroy a Glorious Heritage Class heavy cruiser the moment it entered into the system even the most favorable projections performed by Rommie allowed the Andromeda Ascendant to enter into orbit before being destroyed by defensive fire. The actual orbital defense stations look like moons. A web-like pattern of detection lasers criss-crossed the upper orbits of the planet, and are virtually impenetrable. Even vessels in stealth mode could be detected after entering the atmosphere and being bombarded with anti-air fire, as well as Marduk's home guard of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff Or Landing) space-capable fighters. ("Slipfighter The Dogs of War")

In CY 10089, the planet began an armament campaign secretly sponsored by the Spirit of the Abyss. This led to Marduk's reclusive ruler beginning a weapons development program for Nova bombs and the synthesis of the element responsible for allowing the device to work (Voltarium). Two warheads ended up being tested, leading to the destruction of those stars. This provoked a reaction from the restored Systems Commonwealth, but they were unable to intervene due to the possible political backlash of interfering in the system, as well as the heavy defenses protecting it. However, the Commonwealth did want to respond because Nova Bombs would have given the dictator a weapon that would have been used to take over nearby systems and to gain favorable sanctions. This led to Captain Dylan Hunt being allowed to take part in a plausibly deniable black ops attack on the planet in order to destroy the Voltarium manufacturing plant to prevent further warheads from being produced. The refinery itself was disguised as a children's hospital and was surrounded by ghettos. Beka Valentine destroyed it when she dropped a laser guided bomb on it, leveling it. ("Slipfighter The Dogs of War")


The inhabitants of Marduk are an impoverished people who are slave workers to their industries. They beg and work for extremely low wages, and live in ghettos. They are forced to give most of their earnings to the government at the point of a gun in order to fund their leaders' military projects, such as Voltarium refineries. The people on the planet live so poorly that they are fed "lint filled sausages and sawdust pancakes." ("Slipfighter The Dogs of War")


  • Marduk is, in the later stages of that civilization, the head of the Babylonian pantheon.
  • Baal is a North-West Semitic title that means "lord".
  • Gallaphron and Marduk are similar to North Korea, the government has a starving population and is focused on the military. However, the Andromeda's government has a military that is capable of fighting a prolonged war.