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This article defines the standard layout for all the main articles about the Andromeda (TV series), which includes how to use references, how to title, create, and start an article, and which point of view from which to write as well as many other topics that deal with the wiki from a stylistic viewpoint. This is so that the wiki has a consistent appearance and so that all articles are held to the same standards.

Article Titles[]

Article titles should not be plural. They should be singular. For example, the article about Nietzscheans, the race of genetically modified humans, is titled Nietzschean, instead of Nietzscheans.

Article titles should also be completely capitalized except for prepositions.

They should not include a person's title, even if there are multiple people with the same name. Disambiguation pages are created to help organize and sort out those confusions.

Beginning Articles[]

When beginning pages, the name of the page and other names or titles for the subject of the article should be placed in this order:

  1. The name of the person, technology, or organization etc. should be placed as soon as possible in the opening sentence as is grammatically appropriate.
  2. Nicknames, titles, or other names, either abbreviations or variations of a name.

A brief summary should be given about the article's subject; basically a short known history. The rest of the article should elaborate on the initial summary given in the opening paragraph or lines of the article.

Point of View[]

In-universe articles, such as ones about topics within the created universe of the Andromeda (TV series), should be written in the 3rd person, and as if the events were real. For example, the article on Slipstream refers to Slipstream as the only known way to travel faster than light in the Known Universe. It explains and talks about Slipstream as if it were a real technology and phenomenon, not as if it were just a theory.