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Malthazar Jrinto
Alias: Lieutenant Jrinto
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Planet of Origin: Avilan
Nation-State: Takilov Drift
Universe/Reality: Andromeda Galaxy
Profession: Member of Security Squad on Drift
Head of Banshee Pursuit Squad
Ship Posting: Takilov Drift
Ship Position: Squad Leader
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: Mid-30's
Status: Alive
Nietzschean Pride: Half Drago-Kazov Pride, however, he considers himself dissociated and is unallied
Mother: Unknown Human
Father: Unknown Nietzschean
Spouse: Teena Harwell
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Takilov Drift


Lieutenant Malthazar Jrinto is a Human-Nietzschean halfbreed. He is originally from the Nietzschean invaded planet Avilan, where his mother was raped by dozens of Nietzschean Drago-Kazov. ("Destruction of Illusions")

Because of his half-blood status, his bone blades are shorter than normal, and he is not as physically perfect as a normal Nietzschean. He has acne, moles, and greasy hair. He is constantly flirting with Teena Harwell, who does not appreciate his affections. Jrinto is a member of Takilov Drift Security, and is the head of Pursuit Squad. He, along with 4 other members of his squad took off in Banshees to pursue Beka and the Eureka Maru when they broke out of the Takilov Drift Impound Lot. 2 members were injured, and Jrinto was left helpless by Caldonia in his cockpit after a series of Slipstream jumps that was meant by Beka to evade him.