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Species: Magog
Planet of Origin: Magog World Ship
Rank: leader of Magog, presumed
Status: Dead
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Spirit of the Abyss and Magog
Enemy: Systems Commonwealth


The presumed Magog leader also known as the Great One when Rev Bem goes to the Magog World Ship, he is one of Magog Rev faces, he is killed and impersonated by Rev Bem by taking his armor but not before him saying his last words. Rev impersonated him until an unnamed Magog Warrior discovered he was a fake as he declined meat and smelled like prey to them


  • It is unknown if he was the leader or not but do to him wearing a type of armor that signified rank he could be the leader or just an officer; however, due to other Magog calling him the great one he could have been the revered leader.