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Magnetic Accelerator
Production information
Manufacturer: Unknown
Technical specifications
Function: Launch Refined Metal into Space
Power source: Maru's auxiliary power unit


The Magnetic Accelerator appeared in "Exit Strategies". The crew used it to to launch the damaged Eureka Maru to escape the planet and the Squorms. Dylan and Beka had to repair the Magnetic Accelerator and connect it to the Maru's auxillary power unit to make it functional.


  • Systems similiar to the magnetic accelerator have been proposed to launch spacecraft without the need for rockets.


Beka: Well, I'll be damned. A magnetic accelerator.
Dylan: They must have used this to launch the refined metal into orbit.
Beka: Okay. So, we hook this thing up to the Maru's auxiliary power unit, use our GFG to lower our mass to nothing, and, er crap. How do we get the Maru up here?
Dylan: Extend the coil this way. Float it up the tunnel to the mouth of the accelerator. Power it up and shoot the Maru straight into space. 



Magnetic Accelerator view from Maru cockpit.