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Magellanic Cloud on the right side of the star chart.


The Magellanic Cloud is a very large area of the galactic Local Group that is often split up into 2 dwarf galaxies of the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the Lesser Magellanic Cloud and the Greater Magellanic Cloud. This is a highly prized area of space because it consists of very large nebulae of hydrogen gas as well as other elemental gases, which are extremely valuable to spacefaring species.

The Greater Magellanic Cloud is the 4th largest galaxy in the Local Group, after the Andromeda, Milky Way, and Triangulum galaxies. The satellite galaxy is approximately 163,000 light years from the Milky Way. It's diameter is about 14,000 light years and up to 10,000,000,000 stars, approximately a fourth of the Triangulum galaxy. The much smaller Lesser Magellanic Cloud is the 6th largest galaxy in the Local Group. With a diameter of 7,000 light years and several 100,000,000 stars.

The Magellanic Cloud is historically occupied and colonized by the Kalderan people, who jealously guard their hold on the area. Before the rise of the Vedran Empire, and later the Systems Commonwealth, this area was under the control of the Kalderan Alliance. During the Long Night that followed the fall of the Systems Commonwealth, the Kalderans reestablished their hegemony over the Magellanic Cloud.


Prior to the Vedrans arrival to the Magellanic Cloud, the Kalderans had established their dominance in the dwarf galaxies, subjugating the various species in the Magellanic Cloud. The Vedrans began their campaign of conquest in the face of ferocious Kalderan resistance. In 859 CY, the Kalderans captured a High Guard ship and reverse-engineered its slipstream technology. They formed the Kaldera Alliance in 870 CY and within a decade have nearly pushed the Vedrans out of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. The war ended in 895 CY with the Vedran conquest and occupation of their homeworld Kalderash.

In 9766 CY, the first Magog attack on the Commonwealth occurred. Starting a war that continued until 9781 CY, with the signing of the Treaty of Antares. Soon afterwards, in 9784 CY, the Nietzschean Rebellion began. The civil war tore apart the Commonwealth, ending in 9786 CY with the fall of the Commonwealth and soon afterwards the collapse of the Nietzschean Alliance. The Magog returned in 9876 CY, attacking both Nietzchean and former Commonwealth worlds.

During the Long Night, the Kalderans established a new regime, the Kalderan Commune. which reasserted the Kalderans' claim to the Magellanic Cloud. However, about twenty worlds that resided in the Magellanic Cloud disagreed and formed the Magellanic Alliance. Who were defeated by the Kalderans in 10078 CY, who then conquered the worlds and governments that made up the Magellanic Alliance. Kalderan domination of the entire Magellanic Cloud territory was thereafter ensured. Since then the Kalderans have clashed with the Nietzscheans, Magog, Than-Thre-Kull, and others for a variety of reasons. None have been able to undermine their supremacy in the Magellanic Cloud.

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  • Named for the early 16th century Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who organized the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

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