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Machen Alpha
Location: Greater Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 12,300 km
Climate: Varied
Water coverage: 60%
Societal information
Species: 98% Human
2% Artificial Intelligence
Population: 7.3 billion


Machen Alpha, a densely populated, Earth-like world was a center of Human industry during the Systems Commonwealth era, famous for producing some of Known Space's most advanced artificial intelligence entities. Owing to its isolated location and xenophobic post-fall government, little is known regarding Machen Alpha's current status, other than an ongoing territorial dispute with the neighboring Mobius system. (“All Too Human”)


Post-Fall Machen Alpha handed government over to artificial intelligences to stave off chaos. While in the short term useful, the logic of the AI led to decisions that the human population disagreed with, such as killing the infected during disease outbreaks. The population revolted and took back control, destroying or exiling most AI.

The surviving AIs took up residence on an unknown new planet. Machen destroyed the planet in an act of revenge using the Basilisk.