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A city on Lundmark


Lundmark from orbit


The planet Lundmark is a member of the New Systems Commonwealth and is under the jurisdiction of Marshall Man-ka-lupe, who supports Dylan Hunt. An assassin named the Leper was hired to assassinate Marshall Man-ka-lupe on the planet.

It is the only habitable planet in the system, which has several gas giants in it. Lundmark is located in a trinary star system with eccentric orbits, which means that navigation for ships is extremely difficult and dangerous. If a ship transiting Slipstream even comes close to the trinaries, the gravitational pull can smash the ship against one of the gas giants. Additional radiation showers and gravitation fluctuations make the system hazardous.

In "The Leper's Kiss" Beka Valentine is forced to travel through a nebula to bypass these dangers. The smuggler they use as a navigator, Crescent, only made the trip once.