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Louisa Messereau
Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Nation-State: Arkology
Date of Death: Battle of Arkology
Profession: Pilot
Status: Dead
Played By: Marjorie Monaghan
Nietzschean Pride: Anapurna Pride
Mother: Moira
Father: Jordan
Spouse: Telemachus Rhade (love interest)
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Citizens of Arkology


Escorting one of Arkology's senior diplomats on a mission to the Magog World Ship to sign a "peace treaty" Louisa Messereau first met the Andromeda crew while fleeing from former Commonwealth pirates. In a display of her superior piloting ability Messereau managed to survive the encounter with only minor damage to her vessel's slipstream drive, but the damage was still severe enough to require Louisa and the ambassador to ask the Andromeda to return them to their orbital habitat. Louisa was thought to be one of a long-extinct Nietzschean pride surviving for over 900 years through the mysterious powers of "dream state" used by all citizens of Arkology. Like many of the peace-loving inhabitants of the Arkology, Messereau originally believed love and compassion would see them through the coming Magog crisis, but after numerous Arkology residents were killed in the first wave of the World Ship's attack Louisa agreed to pick up arms and fight. Battling side by side with her new found love interest Telemachus Rhade, Louisa was ultimately killed by Magog warriors during the subsequent Battle of Arkology.

According to Telemachus Rhade, her Nietzschean Pride had been considered extinct for 900 years prior to the Battle of Arkology.