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The Princess and Dylan


Loreena Blodget; A.K.A The Princess and The Goddess Ha-Ji-Ma; is a Human confidence artist, royal impersonator, thief, and false goddess who preyed upon the people in the Prolon System. Having lived in the system since her birth, she assumed the face of the Princess of the Royal Prolon Family, who was believed to have died after her disappearance a year before. The Princess was extremely popular, and after Loreena assumed her identity she "reappeared" and was embraced by the Royal Family. She then used her position to plunder billions from the royal treasury, as well as assuming the identity of a goddess for a group of monks looking for an authority figure. She also stole all their money as well. By this time, the Prolon Ministry of Justice was searching for her in order to prosecute her, and then execute her. She was in the process of drifting out of the Prolon System while hibernating inside of an escape pod, when the Andromeda Ascendant was forced to drop out of Slipstream after it began to collapse, and it arrived in the system. It encountered the pod, and fought off 3 fighters as it raced to scoop it up. ("The Illusion of Majesty")

She was played by Krista Allen.


Loreena Blodget