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Ler Near
Gender: Male
Species: Chichin
Rank: None
Status: Dead
Played By: David Palffy


Lor-Near is a scientist who was invited to a Systems Commonwealth conference that was about finding a means to defeat the Spirit of the Abyss using the Engine of Creation. He was apparently one the brightest scientific minds in the Commonwealth, because the conference only sent invitations to the best scientists in the Commonwealth to work on the problem. He, along with Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo and another scientist were introduced to Seamus Harper and Rommie in the opening of the conference. At some point he was drugged and taken to a laboratory in the building, where someone sawed off the top of his skull and performed surgery on his prefrontal cortex in order to try and extract parts on his memories and experiences, in order to try to make a collective mind. His killer was later shown to be Kor-Kavo, who was in fact an agent of the Spirit of the Abyss.



Lor-Near being autopsied by Trance.