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Proffesor logict

Logitch in an interrogation with Trance


Professor Logitch is an Inari who experiments on Trance Gemini while she is in captivity on Inaris. Logitch works for the government and did not want to experiment on Trance. However, the government convinced him to do so, by showing him images of the death of his son in one of the civil wars that had been started decades earlier, by a similar purple being. He eventually lets Trance go, but before Trance leaves he asks what she is; in response, she opens her eye, which shows the universe.


Logitch: Our facilities are state of the art and draw many of our world's top researchers.
Trance: That's what Major Whendar said. What area of research are you in, Professor Logich?
Logitch: I'm what you might call a cross disciplinarian.
Trance: Does that mean you get to study all sorts of things?
Logitch: Well, in its simplest terms, yes. Suffice to say that meeting an offworlder like you is the culmination of my life's work.
Trance: Well, I'd be happy to help you however I can.
Logitch: I appreciate your enthusiasm. Here we are. I hope it's too your liking.