The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Daedalus V
Status: Alive but trapped in holographic archive
Played By: Missy Peregrym
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Spirit of the Abyss
Enemy: Andromeda Ascendant


Lisset was an agent of the Spirit of the Abyss sent to retrieve the Voice of Darkness. Hoping to find clues to the Voice's whereabouts, she went to the Collectors Virtual Library Archives on Daedalus V with a massive datanet virus, designed to scan and erase every one of the library’s virtual reality simulations. Just as Lisset’s datanet were searching the library, Seamus Harper came out of his program and Lisset was forced to hide. As Dylan, Beka, and Harper went back into their simulations to find clues, she reappeared, and found Rhade standing guard. The 2 fought hand-to-hand, but due to Lisset's tremendous strength, she overpowered Rhade who was thrown across the room, allowing her the time to hide yet again.

Lisset then fled into Dylan Hunt and Amira's program; once inside, she tried to force them to give her the Voice of Darkness, threatening them and the library if they didn’t comply. Dylan and Amira refused, and a fight broke out as the virus program resumed. Lisset played the part of a Nietzschean which originally attacked Wezlow and Nema. After the Nietzschean killed Nema, Amira revealed the Voice Lisset had been searching for, using it to incapacitate her. Dylan asked Lisset how he could stop the data net, to which Lisset responded that trying to stop the data net was impossible. Knowing the Abyss would kill Lisset if it discovered she failed, as it had another Abyss agent, Jeger (in "Harper 2.0") Amira and Dylan escaped the program, leaving Lisset stuck inside. Once back in the physical world, Dylan kept the flexi-key, thereby leaving her trapped forever within the archives.


Lisset was shown to have an tremendous amount of physical power, allowing her to not only beat Rhade in a fight, but to knock him unconscious by throwing him clear across the room. It is unknown whether this strength was a gift from her master, the Abyss, or is related to her own natural physiology. In addition she wore a small black amulet around her neck which she used to direct her massive datanet. ("Time Out of Mind")


"After I take the voice of darkness, I want to hear you scream."

"You can't stop what the abyss has started."