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Leviathan Roused Class
Length: Unknown
Beam: Unknown
Draft: Unknown
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Slipstream, which is optional
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Chronological and General Info
Faction: Systems Commonwealth
Private companies


The Leviathan Roused Class is a multipurpose starliner class that can be modified to perform many different duties. They are the most commonly used ship, as their design had been proved to be efficient and useful, so there are a great many of them. They can either be used as luxury liners servicing planet-to-planet or system-to-system routes, they can be modified as vast troop transports in times of war, or can be used as cargo haulers. Although many private or semi private companies own and operate interstellar routes, the Systems Commonwealth provides subsidies to many less-traveled routes which might not otherwise support regular passenger service.

One known vessel of this class is the Majestic Prow.