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Lem carrying out his orders
Gender: Unknown
Species: Mugani
Planet of Origin: Cascada


Lem is a Mugani (the only one seen), the native inhabitants of Cascada. He has certain amphibian characteristics, which is to be expected of a race who live on a swamp world. His people have been oppressed and enslaved by a Human minority, and Lem joins Bobby Jensen and Margot's crusade to liberate them. When Dylan is taken prisoner by Bobby, the captain cultivates the Mugani, eventually persuading him to hide himself where he can overhear Margot's explanation to Dylan of the true plan for his planet. He cannot, however, seem to bring himself to act directly against Bobby, instead dropping the key to his cell through the bars to Dylan. After Bobby's death, Lem presumably returns to his planet and people. ("Be All My Sins Remembered")


Dylan: Lem. That is your name, right?
Lem: No talk.
Dylan: How long have you been traveling with Bobby?
Lem: Long enough. No talk. Stop. Down. Up.
(Dylan lifts up a grille in the deck plating.)
Dylan: After you.
Lem: Down. Move.
Dylan: It doesn't look very comfortable, Lem.
Lem: No talk. Down. Now.
(Dylan sits in the small area below the deck and Lem puts a locking device on the grille.)
Dylan: Lem, tell me about the Muganis. If I remember my comparative linguistics, Mugani means reed, right? The reed people?
Lem: My grandfather, he could hide in the wet mud for hours, breathe through hollow reed. Wait for frogs. We were great hunters. They drained the swamps.
Dylan: Bringing down weapons of mass destruction on the colonists won't bring back the swamps, Lem.
Lem: Maybe not, but maybe it will make them go away.
Dylan: Maybe. But at a cost, Lem. Many of your people will die.
Lem: They're already dying.
Dylan: Lem, there's a better way.
Lem: You be quiet now.