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Laura Bertram
Gender: Female
Character: Trance Gemini
Birthday: September 5, 1978
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Appearances: Seasons 1-5

Laura Bertram is a Canadian actress that plays the role of Trance Gemini on the TV show Andromeda Ascendant. Laura went to high school at Leaside Secondary School in Toronto, and worked at Kilcoo Camp as the ceramics instructor in the summer of 1997. During her time at the camp, she chipped a tooth while playing a game. Laura started her University career at Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario), where she was a member of the "Queen's Players" theatre troupe. She spent one year at Queen's before transferring to Guelph. She then completed an Honours Degree in History, at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada), specializing in Early Modern (c. 1485-1700), Continental European history. Laura has said that she intends to pursue a Master's degree at a location somewhere closer to the Andromeda set.


  • Laura has two younger sisters: Heather, and Jennifer. Both are also actresses.
  • Laura worked as a waitress and in a snowboard shop while at university.
  • Laura used to enjoy snowboarding - but is not permitted to, under her Andromeda contract. She is also not allowed to mountain bike, ice-skate, or roller-blade.
  • Laura also speaks French
  • Laura is a much better singer than is apparent from the opening scene of "Star-Crossed" - she spent seven years with the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus.
  • Laura began her performance career in ballet, with limited success, before her agent suggested trying acting. Her first audition got her her role in Ready or Not.
  • Laura auditioned for the part of Rogue in the X-Men movie, and received a callback (but did not, obviously, get the part)
  • Laura was thrilled to be able to audition for a Gene Roddenberry show - she "grew up on" Star Trek: The Next Generation (her mother is a sci-fi fan).
  • Laura's second choice for a career would be teaching.

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