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Lancer Drop Pod


The Lancer Drop Pod is a single-seated armoured transport used by the High Guard forces of the Systems Commonwealth. The Lancer Drop Pod is equipped with two rear VTOL thrusters capable of arcing 90 degrees for rapid course corrections, evading oncoming enemy fire, controlling rate of decent, and re-entry back into space. It is also outfitted with four double barrelled Point Defense Lasers, capable of light ground attack operations and clearing out a landing zone. In addition to the standard single occupant pod, it can be replaced and mounted with a number of different interchangeable pods, such as perimeter defence, artillery batteries and re-supply container pods. Due to the Lancer Drop Pod's numerous features, it is capable of serving a variety of different roles, from rapid deployments of Lancer assault troops, automated re-supply missions, mobile suppressive artillery batteries, to covert insertions of Argosy Special Operations.


  • A lancer refers to a cavalry unit that used lances in combat.