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The Lambent Kith Nebula, more commonly known as the Nebula, is the governing body of the universe's Celestial Avatars. They hold great power that rivals that of the Spirit of the Abyss, who is their enemy. The Group itself is composed of the 50 oldest Avatars, led by Maura, and almost all of them disregard organic intelligence and consider them to be inferior. Their disregard for organic life is shown when their plan to kill the Spirit of the Abyss is revealed. Their plan was to actually destroy the entire universe again, using the All Forces Nullification Point and recreate it with the Abyss absent. Trance Gemini was one of the most prominent Nebula leaders, but decided to leave because of their callous attitude towards organic life. She ran away from the Nebula in order to enact her own plan.

In the series finale, it is revealed that the Abyss has corrupted the Nebula in its goals for further chaos.


  • The name Lambent Kith Nebula literally translates to "softly radiant" "familiar persons" "cloud, fog". They are the Celestial Avatars of Trance Gemini's family and have a secret agenda.



Meeting of the Avatars


Maura and the Trances of Lambent Kith