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Kulis Bara
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Living
Played By: Martin Cummins
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: None
New Systems Commonwealth


Kulis Bara is an intergalactic pirate and criminal, who is very well known by Known Space even though he has been seen so rarely that there are no pictures of his face and almost no descriptions of his appearance. This is attributed to his loyal friends and the people who work for him, and because he is well liked by the general populace, the people who have seen him are reluctant to give out information about him.

Sickened by his father, Kulis left his home vowing to be everything that his father was not and ultimately shed the attitudes and ideals of a blue blood upbringing and became an outlaw and a pirate, allowing him the freedom he never had back home. He then used his pirate lifestyle to aid the poor and defenseless worlds of the known universe by stealing arms and supplies from the rich and corrupt of the universe and giving them to the militias of the people so they could defend themselves. He freed many rural agrarian colonies that were mostly worked by slave labor, and he also gave the people that he freed a chance to lead their own lives and not be in servitude to anyone by giving them independence and the means to feed and defend themselves.

However, Kulis was seen in the eyes of most of the universe and the Systems Commonwealth as a vicious outlaw and murderer, and was held accountable for large amounts of murders and hundreds of charges of theft, blackmail, and smuggling. Most of the known universe did not know what he was actually doing, but he was praised by the worlds he had aided, and they also gave their unquestioning loyalty to him if he ever needed it because of what he had done for them. The loyalty of these planets and people were shown when Kulis told Dylan Hunt that his death would galvanize these worlds into a powerful unified force seeking vengeance if he was killed by anyone, High Guard member or otherwise. He also gained the title "The Winged Warrior" because of his powerful fighting skills and his abilities as a Gravity Bender that allowed him to defy the natural laws of gravity in small areas.

Some time before the episode "Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter" Kulis's raiding party attacked a shipping convoy from the San empire that was governed by the egotistical and insane Shineoa San, although his flaws were not common knowledge. They did not find supplies or ammunition on the transport as they had originally hoped but rather the drugged crown princess of the San empire Aleyiss San, who her father had hoped would be killed in a pirate raid because she was becoming to popular with the people and by eliminating her would eliminate a threat to his throne and power.

Aleyiss' hostage taking by Kulis was a boon for Shineoa, and it might have been a very good thing except that an unforeseen twist of fate arose: the kidnapping allowed the 2 to get to know each other and even fall in love with one another.

A month passed and no word came of his daughter's death. Shineoa had hoped that someone would brag about her death, but when an announcement did not come, he became concerned that his daughter had escaped and would expose him. He began to secretly attack other Systems Commonwealth planets or areas in space that had not been visited by Kulis in order to attract attention to the acts of Kulis. He began to play the role of the grieving father hoping to gain information of his daughter, and at the same time, trying to trick someone into leading him to or retrieving her for him.

In response to his cry for help and hearing about Aleyiss, the Andromeda Ascendant and her crew volunteered to find the crown princess because Shineoa's actions could lead to war if he continued attacking other worlds in such an unprovoked manner. Beka Valentine and Telemachus Rhade eventually tracked down the princess on planet with a thriving black market after hearing that she was apparently being lightly guarded by Kulis's men. While the pair were attempting to get her attention, they were shocked when she ordered the men who were holding her hostage to attack the pair, who were quickly defeated.

The pair were then brought before Kulis himself, who Beka was unsure of, because she was comparing the stories of a supposedly brutal outlaw to the meek but wild looking man who stood before them. Kulis at first appeared to be considering killing them as he had to think about his reputation, especially when Telemachus Rhade insulted Kulis's tactics. It was then revealed to Beka and Rhade that Kulis never killed the people who "Disappeared" during his pirate raids, but that he actually sent them to his friends who lived on the colonies that he had liberated to live the rest of their days. More importantly, and to the shock of the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant Alyiss was apparently in love with her captor.

Fortunately for Beka and Rhade the rest of the crew arrived and with a little assistance from an orbiting Andromeda were able to scare the local thieves off and escape though Kulis's party had already left the planet. This time however Harper was on to Kulis's decoy trick and was able to follow the proper ship to an enzyme swamp planet that the outlaw was using as a hideout. Also they discovered Shineoa San was also at the planet but a suspicious Dylan said that was not important and right now they should focus on the princess.

Splitting off in to teams Rhade and Beka were able to catch the princess off guard outside the camp and began to question why on earth she was hanging around someone like Kulis considering what everyone knew about him. Aleyiss however turned the situation on its head by telling them that everything they know about Kulis was a lie and he is not the monster that everyone made him out to be. She also revealed it was her father who put her on the transport convey she was found on because she had suggested that the trade routes be changed because of the danger of the current one. That was the final straw for her insane father who couldn't stand the fact his daughter was becoming more popular with the people just like her mother had who he also had killed for similar reasons. Andromeda's crew was skeptical but Dylan had an idea to discern the truth.

Heading off on his own to the main part of Kulis's lair he confronted the pirate saying that Aleyiss had given him up and he should just come quietly now. Kulis naturally refused and though defenseless confronted the High guard officer with only a knife against Dylan's force lance. Dylan asked him as they fought if Kulis was willing to die for a love that had become worthless and seemed amused at the outlaw's claim of huge of force of planets behind him.

The fight was suddenly disturbed by Harper who informed them that Beka, Rhade and Aleyiss had become trapped in an enzyme swamp trying to escape the caves. Making use of the distraction Kulis made use of his skills has a Gravity Bender and leaped up a sheer rockface and out of the room to the amazement of Dylan and Harper due to he rarity of seeing a Gravity Bender in action.

Meanwhile the trio had found a way on to a ledge in the Swamp but couldn't move because the rocks were moving too quickly and one drop of the swamp would equal instant death. Aleyiss however remained convinced that Kulis was save them despite Becka's doubts. Sure enough Kulis appeared on the edge of the swamp telling Aleyiss not to say anything. He then used his gravity bending to leap across the rock faces of the swamp landing on the nearest surface to the group. He told Aleyiss that he forgave her for what he believed Dylan had told him and he would save her and she wouldn't have to see him again. Aleyiss asked him to save the others as well which he agreed leaping on to the platform preparing to take them out when he was shot by Shineoa San.

Fortunately Shineoa San was defeated and Kulis survived his wounds and was fixed up on Andromeda but was now their prisoner. He was brought to Dylan's office were to his amazement his cuffs were removed and Dylan explained he had done some research and Alyeiss claims has well has his own about himself were true. For one he isn't a murderer like his father, and two (and to Dylan's amazement) his claim about a planetary following is true. To be a bit more specific he has a following of over 1100 worlds including rural agrarian colonies. Dylan is impressed with his morals and his leadership skills despite his unorthodox methods for helping people, and offers an alternative for being turned over to the Commonwealth for prosecution. Bring his coalition of Planets in to the Commonwealth and in to Aleyiss empire which the two lovers agreed to with a kiss.