The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Alias: The Great Engineer, The Mover of Worlds
Gender: Originally Male
Species: Human, Cyborg
Universe/Reality: Andromeda
Date of Birth: Unknown
Ship Posting: Septa Parisis
Age: In excess of 500 years
Status: Alive
Played By: Neil Maffin
Chronological and General Info
Era: Systems Commonwealth, Long Night, New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Spirit of the Abyss
Ally: Magog, Spirit of the Abyss
Enemy: Systems Commonwealth, New Systems Commonwealth


Kroton, also known as the "Great Engineer" (he also referred to himself as "The Mover of Worlds") because of his technical mastery, is a Human Cyborg inventor who is known for the chaos and death that he brings to Known Space, and beyond; even having an unlimited amount of exact clones at his disposal, which he was planning to use to his advantage in protection and taking control of more territory. He was believed to have designed the Magog World Ship. It was discovered by the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant in CY 10090 that he designed and built the moon Septa Parisis, as well as the Magog World Ship that was hidden inside the moon itself. This ship was equipped with an unknown light-based weapon, as well as being slipstream capable. ("Waking The Tyrant's Device")

He was known before the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War for acts such as causing a solar disturbance in the galaxy known as M86, at some point prior to CY 9690, where the magnetic field was still fluctuating as of CY 10090, more than 400 years later. The star/star system/planet where this solar disturbance occurred was apparently named Cyxana Troi, although it is unclear what the star's/star system's/planet's name actually is. He was responsible for releasing a computer virus on the planet Medec Major, which caused the androids on the planet to go berserk and wipe out the colonists. During the Long Night he rose to prominence because of the lack of organized justice systems, as well as the lack of stable governments and other organizations that could keep law and order, or regulate his work. He has prodigious technological skills and is a gifted inventor in the vein of Seamus Harper. However, he sells his skills and devices to criminals and genocidal species. Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant were sent to investigate claims of his massive construction (the World Ship) at the behest of the new Commonwealth, but when they arrived in the system they were trapped in a rapidly deteriorating orbit around the moon, by a gravity beam.

Previously, another Commonwealth ship had crashed on the planet. He attacked the survivors, until only one was left, Molly Noguchi. She was able to activate a distress beacon, which the crew of the Andromeda investigated.

His clones were able ambush the crew, shortly after they found Molly, forcing them to run back to the Maru.

Later, when Molly and Dylan were attempting to destroy his field generator, he and his clones set off an explosive, causing Molly and Dylan to fall into a cave complex, pursued by the clones.

Some time later, just as Molly and Dylan are ready to plant a bomb in his android factory, he attacks them again with a few of his copies, and threatens to lead an android revolt. Between this and the Magog, the Commonwealth would be unable to survive. He then pins Dylan down, but Molly shoots him in the back, causing him to fall. Then, lying on the floor, his eyes glow red and he states that it is "time for the Primary Event."

A while after this, the moon splits in half to allow the Magog Worldship to launch, but the Andromeda opens up five slipstream portals. Despite choosing the wrong one, he is able to launch an escape pod which enters the correct portal.


  • The name Kroton is similar to the various names for Greek titans and gods such as: Chronos, Cronos, Cronus, Khronos, Kronos.
  • The Magog World Ship is similar to the alien machine in “Kronos”. The alien machine is composed of stolen energy. Kroton’s ship is composed of stolen ships.
  • The term "Mover of Worlds" is similar to the Fleet of Worlds in Larry Niven's stories.
  • The name is presumably a reference to the "Doctor Who" Cyberman villain of the same name, who appears in the comic book adaptation of SF's longest-running show.