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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


The Asteroid that is the ancestral homeworld of the Kodiak pride.


Kodiak Pride was a small but very important Nietzschean pride in the post-fall Nietzschean hierarchy most noted for their stewardship of the Nietzschean people's most sacred relics.


The Kodiaks were a small splinter pride that had been given the responsibility of watching over the preserved remains of the Nietzschean progenitor, Drago Museveni. Nietzscheans from all over Known Space would make pilgrimage to the Kodiak homeworld, a small asteroid that had been towed into orbit around Enga's Redoubt, where it remained because it was easily accessible and defensible. Orbiting a major Nietzschean capital world, the asteroid was also a major trade center and political meeting place. However, by CY 10065, the Drago-Kazov Pride decided that they alone possessed rights to the bones, and so they launched a devastating attack upon the Kodiaks. The Kodiaks tried to reach out to their allies for help, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. All of the Pride's former allies knew that they were too weak to put up any fight against the dominant Drago-Kazov Pride. After the carnage was over, only a few Kodiaks survived the massacre, and the survivors were captured as slaves and either sold or worked to death.

One of the most famous Kodiak members was Tyr Anasazi, who finally managed to steal back Drago's bones, only to have them confiscated by Captain Dylan Hunt.

Pride Information[]

Charlemagne Bolivar once mentioned that Tyr's people should not have focused on strength and physical fitness, but on cunning and treachery like the Jaguar Pride. This could imply that the average Kodiak was stronger and faster than the average Jaguar.

Known Members[]


  • Kodiak refers to a type of bear and several locations in Alaska.