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The Knights of Genetic Purity asteroid


The Knights of Genetic Purity Research Asteroid is a highly secret and important Knights of Genetic Purity bioweapon research facility, located in the Federrah System. It is devoted to the creation of a weapon to wipe out all genetically engineered people in Known Space such as the Inari, Castalians, and Nietzscheans.

Its existence was discovered by Constantine Stark and his Templars, although they did not have the resources to attack it. However, they went to the Andromeda Ascendant for logistical and tactical support. Captain Dylan Hunt agreed because he wanted to destroy the weapon, although the Templars wanted to actually use the weapon for their own purposes.

The asteroid is heavily reinforced and built upon, with a very powerful external structure that laces over the outside of the asteroid. The interior is riddled with corridors and research laboratories. It is apparently guarded by large numbers of Knights of Genetic Purity soldiers.



The Eureka Maru drifting


Concept art for the asteroid


Rommie hacking into the Knights of Genetic Purity computer.


Knights of Genetic Purity patrolling the Asteroid Laboratory.


Rommie and Dylan under fire in the Knights of Genetic Purity Lab.