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2 Knights of Genetic Purity soldiers preparing to fire


The Knights of Gentic Purity, more commonly known as the Genites, are a militant group founded after the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War who splintered away from the Templars, founded by former High Guard Admiral Constanza Stark.


About 200 AFC, the Knights of Genetic Purity were exiled out of the Templars for their extremist views on genetically enhanced humans. They were personally exiled by Constanza Stark. The Knights of Genetic Purity made it their goal to rid the Universe of all genetically engineered human beings. Unlike the Templars, the Knights of Genetic Purity do not just target the Nietzscheans, the destroyers of the original Systems Commonwealth, but also genetically enhanced Heavy Worlders like Dylan Hunt, bio-enhanced humans like the Inari, or simple genetic manipulations like Beka Valentine (who has had her strength, stamina, and reflexes enhanced).

Their usual tactic is to obliterate small Nietzschean Prides that cannot adequately defend themselves against the fearsome power and advanced technology of the Knights of Genetic Purity military. They seem to be weak in comparison with the larger and more powerful Nietzschean Prides, such as the Drago-Kazov Pride and the Sabra-Jaguar Pride. Fearing that their incursion into the large Nietzschean Prides territory would be met with reprisal, they generally do not interfere in their affairs. Beka Valentine, first officer of the Andromeda Ascendant characterized them as "intergalactic bullies".

The Knights of Genetic Purity were in hiding during most of the Long Night until Hunt's first year after his awakening when they were drawn out by the news of the existence of a reincarnation of Nietzschean Progenitor Drago Museveni: Tamerlane Anasazi, the son of the Andromeda Ascendants Nietzschean crewman Tyr Anasazi. The Knights of Genetic Purity leaders considered Tamerlane a threat because he was prophesized to be the one who would reunite the Nietzschean Prides and lead them to subjugate Known Space. Thus, they began to massacre small Nietzschean Prides who were often composed mostly of women and children. This brought them into conflict with the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant, who opposed their methods. Ultimately, the Knights of Genetic Purity were unable to kill Tamerlane due to his being sent hiding at a secure location by his father Tyr Anasazi.

A year later, the Knights of Genetic Purity had developed an airborne virus capable of wiping out all Nietzscheans. The Andromeda, allied with the Templars, captured the facility where the virus was developed. But when it was revealed that the Templars intended to use the virus to liberate Nietzschean held slave worlds, the Andromeda lured the Knights of Genetic Purity at Heimdall back to their base, forcing Constantine Stark, to destroy the facility to prevent the Knights of Genetic Purity from reacquiring their bioweapon.


The Knights of Genetic Purity weapons technology is very advanced, having inherited Systems Commonwealth technical know-how. They developed Photoreactive Armor from the Commonwealth's early research before the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, and have excellent stealth technology (their ships are not detected easily by Andromeda's sensors) and they have developed bioweapons for use against genetically engineered humans.

The main Knights of Genetic Purity military vessel is the Seraphim carrier, which along with usual weapons such as Point Defense Lasers and missiles, is able to deploy fighter/dropships called Seraphim Drones which punch through the hulls of ships. As ground tactics go, the Knights of Genetic Purity will assault in groups of two knights, equipped with heavy Gauss guns and Reactive Armor. The reactive armor makes them all but impervious to regular small arms fire, but it seems that a force lance has the power to both pierce and disable this armor system.


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  • The Knights of Genetic Purity were originally a “cryptic alliance“ in the “Gamma World“ roleplaying game.
  • The Knights of Genetic Purity are partly based on the Klu Klux Klan as exemplified by the values of racial purity. Several Klu Klux Klan organizations use the word “Knight” in their names.
  • The Knights of Genetic Purity emblem resembles the swastika used by the Nazis.
  • The Knights of Genetic Purity armor resemble the Stormtroopers in Star Wars, the ships resemble Star Destroyers, and the fighters resemble TIE fighters.
  • The name is based in part on the real-life Knights Templar.
  • The character of Desmond Lord Gorice has several allusions to fascist ideals.