The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Milky Way Galaxy
Lesser Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 10,700
Climate: 75% Water coverage
Societal information
Species: 74% Kalderan
11% Perseid
9% Human
6% miscellaneous
Population: 11,400,000
Events: Atomic Holocaust from resisting Vedrans
Technical information
Defenses: Unknown


Kalderash is home to the fiercely independent Kalderans (a species of sentient flightless avians), Kalderash is a living testament to the Commonwealth's powers of environmental restoration as well as its profound commitment to reconciliation and justice. Nine millennia ago, Kalderash was the seat of resistance to the expansionist Vedran Empire, which ended its war with an atomic bombardment, rendering the planet nearly uninhabitable. Nearly 4,000 years later, one of the newly established Systems Commonwealth's first orders of business was to make amends to the Kalderans by restoring their world. After centuries of terraforming, atmospheric cleansing and genetic resurrection of extinct species, Kalderash thrives as never before, with only a few areas left barren as a reminder of the planet's dark past.


Kalderash was left relatively unscathed by the Nietzschean Rebellion. The Kalderans have since reformed their pre-Commonwealth form of government and embarked on a vigorous campaign of expansion across the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. While Kalderash itself continues to practice its peculiar form of communal government, the Kalderans have proven to be harsh masters of their conquered worlds, and have fought fiercely to undermine any rival governmental formations in the region of space they claim for themselves.