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The Kalderan-Vedran War was a brutal and large historically important conflict that occurred between the growing Vedran Empire and the Kalderan Commune. Chronologically, it occurred in C.Y. 870 to C.Y. 895, in the Vedran Empires' early history. It is a notable conflict because it is a significant uprising and the first sign of resistance against the Vedran Empire. It was also the first time that an alien species attacked the Vedrans and also did quite well.

The war began when the Vedran Empire, still in its infancy and acting in an imperialistic manner invaded the Magellanic Cloud, an area which had already been under the control of the smaller but still powerful Kalderan Alliance. Unlike other species, who had tried countless times to overrun and capture the Kalderans, and their extremely large territories and systems, the Vedrans won the war through brute force. However, the Kalderans managed to put up such an effective fight and endure for so long because the Kalderans had managed to capture a Vedran vessel and reversed engineered Slipstream technology. Because of that they were able to build their own fleet of slip capable ships and were thus able to defend themselves, as well as attack with the same versatility as the Vedrans.

After ten years of fighting, the Kalderans had nearly driven the Vedrans out of the entire Magellanic Cloud. The war ended abruptly when the Vedrans viciously bombed the Kalderan capital, Kalderash from orbit with atomic weapons, turning most of a continent into an uninhabitable wasteland. Shortly after the bombardment, the Kalderans surrendered and the Kalderan people and their government became part of the Vedran Empire. While the Kalderans may have lost the war, it was the first time in history that any species provided real resistance to Vedran imperialism. It was a sign of the discontent that was felt for the Vedran Empire by the entire galaxy.

The wounds left by the Kalderan-Vedran war took centuries to heal and in someways they never have. When the Vedran Empire was transformed into the Systems Commonwealth, one of the Commonwealths first acts was to launch a restoration effort to the Kalderan homeworld Kalderash which still bore the scars left by the Vedran's atomic attack thousands of years before.

In the post-Fall era, many people believed that the Kalderans defeat in the Kalderan-Vedran War was the reason why the Kalderans ruthlessly and fanatically attack any person, group or government they viewed as being threat to their domination in the Magellanic Cloud.