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Kae-Lee hazing Dylan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Helios IX
Nation-State: Helios IX
Age: Unknown
Status: Dead
Played By: Claudette Mink
Sister: Jessa
Chronological and General Info
Era: New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Herself
Ally: Prisoner
Enemy: Authority

Kae-Lee is the de-facto leader of a group of prisoners on the prison planet Helios IX. She was born in the prison, and because she was "born a criminal" she will never be let free. She and the Warden have an understanding about control and authority in the prison. She takes new prisoners food chits, because there is not enough food to go around. She often makes prisoners fight Xax for their food chit, which brings the other prisoners some entertainment. She is killed by the Warden when she shoots him with a crossbow, trying to save her younger sister Jessa. ("A Rose in the Ashes")