The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Alias: Jes
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Helios IX
Nation-State: Helios IX
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Played By: Kimberley Warnat
Sister: Kae-Lee
Chronological and General Info
Era: New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: None
Ally: Dylan Hunt
Occasionally Kae-Lee


Jessa is a human who was born on the prison planet Helios IX along with her sister Kae-Lee. They were taught that criminal behavior was inherited, and because of that they were never to be released. However, Jessa turned out to be very strong in the sciences, inventing basic batteries and Helidrones, and making herself a computer, smoke grenades,as well as lockpicks.

She lives as well as she can, trying to invent new devices and new foods. However, the soil pH on Helios is too alkaline, and nothing edible can grow there.

She rescues Dylan Hunt and Rommie during a distraction in the prison yard, because she thinks they can either protect her or help her escape. She is attracted to Dylan, but finds his idealism is likely to jeopardize her survival. She believes that there is no way that Dylan can get her off the planet. She makes a battery to help Rommie recharge, which Rommie then uses. The Warden of the prison later interrogates Jessa about the origin of the Helidrones, as he claims that she could not have built the helicopters, because descendants of criminals could not be that intelligent. In the end, her sister gives her life to allow Jessa to survive, and when they are finally rescued by the crew of the Andromeda, she refuses his offer to leave, saying that she needs to help the people around her. She seems to hope, however, that Dylan might look her up again, when she's a little older. ("A Rose in the Ashes")