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Jane Rollins
Jane Rollins
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Rank: Minister of War
Status: Dead
Played By: Sarah-Jane Redmond
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth


Jane Rollins is the Assistant Minister of War for the New systems commonwealth. As assistant minister of war, she advised Captain Dylan Hunt during his temporary cooperation with the Templars. After their real motives were uncovered, Rollins informed Hunt that picking a fight with the Templars might result in both of them being relieved of duty, but said she would do whatever she could do to cover for both of them. ("Twilight of the Idols")

Rollins later brought her flagship, Twelve Centuries and a High Guard fleet to engage the Nietzschean fleet at the Battle of Enga's Redoubt. She refused to retreat and died. ("Shadows Cast By a Final Salute")


Rollins [on screen]: Dylan, we've been reviewing this intel report you sent us, and our people in analysis say it looks legit, so I don't need to tell you how bad that could be for our side. As for the Patriarch, this guy has connections on high to at least twenty signatory worlds. On the record, none of them will admit he even exists, but off the record? Let's just say that any action you may wish to take against the Genites with the Templars will have the full blessing and support of the Restored Systems Commonwealth. Rollins out.

Rollins [on viewscreen]: This is a heads-up. Things are developing fast. More attacks confirmed, all led by the Drago-Kazov. In the Archsul system, five planets destroyed. Xinti has been completely overrun. They are marauding and trophy-taking. The Commonwealth cannot allow that.