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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


The Jaguar Pride is an active, medium sized Nietzschean pride, a former enemy of the Sabra Pride and Drago-Kazov Pride.



The exact origins and the year of Pride Jaguar's founding remain unclear. What is known that the Jaguars were in existence during the Nietzschean Rebellion where they played a significant role alongside the Drago-Kazov. According to Andromeda crewman Tyr Anasazi it was the Jaguar Pride's betrayal of the Dragons that lead to the ultimate collapse of the Nietzschean Alliance after the fall of the Systems Commonwealth.

New Systems Commonwealth[]

The Jaguar Pride chose to end its war with the Sabra through an arranged marriage between their Archduke Charlemagne Bolivar, and the Sabra Pride's first daughter, Elssbett Mossadim-Bolivar. However Mossadim was actually trained as a suicide assassin from birth, and the marriage was actually a ploy to assassinate Bolivar and destroy the Jaguar leadership. The Sabra Pride asked Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda to serve as a neutral transport, Hunt did not refuse as he saw an opportunity to gain political and military support from serving as an escort. As payment the Sabra agreed to allow two worlds under their control (Enkindu and Schopenhauer's World) independence, and in addition the newly formed Sabra-Jaguar would consider signing the New Systems Commonwealth's charter. Dylan discovered the assassination plan, and convinced Elssbett against the strike. After the wedding, the newly formed Sabra-Jaguar pride possessed the third largest fleet in the known worlds, which made them the second most powerful pride. According to Tyr, the Jaguar hadn't done anything this important since they betrayed the Drago-Kazov after the battle of Witchhead.

Their current homeworld is Venceremos. During the Pyrians invasion, it was one of the planets under possible attack by the Pyrians. Vice-Admiral Kosugi, the commander of the Saber-Jaguar detachment for the Commonwealth fleet at the Samsarra during the invasion withdrew from the fleet citing the need to defend Venceremos. ("Point of the Spear")


  • They are well known for their treachery.
  • It appears that the Sabra are more aggressive than the Jaguar as the Jaguar were sincere in their offer of an arranged marriage; whereas the Sabra saw the marriage as an opportunity to destroy the Jaguar.
  • The Jaguar were an atypical Nietzschean pride, as they were uncharacteristically decadent. The title of "Archduke" was kept over time, and passed down through the generations.
  • A jaguar is a big cat.
  • Archduke is an aristocratic title, historically just below that of a prince. It is heard among the Nietzschean Prides, although it is rarely used. The Jaguar Pride is the only known Pride that employs the designation, which they give to their leader.


Known Members[]