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It's Hour Come Round at Last


Production #


Original air date

May 14, 2001

Written by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Directed by

Allan Eastman

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight

Production Designer

Ken Rabehl

Guest stars

Robert Saunders as Spirit of the Abyss
Gerard Plunkett as Bloodmist

Preceded by

It Makes a Lovely Light

Followed by

The Widening Gyre

"Screams of a billion murdered Stars
Give lie to the night's Peace
While we cling in desperation to the Few
Fragile spinning stones we call Worlds."
Wayfinder First Order Hasturi
aka "The Mad Perseid"
217 AFC

"It's Hour Come ‘Round at Last" is episode 22 of Season 1.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 1


Dylan Hunt and Beka Valentine are in Dylan's quarters celebrating the fact that Schopenhauer's World and Enkindu have signed the Charter, making six worlds. Beka is pleased, but Dylan is discouraged by the amount of work that was required for a relatively small payoff.

Seamus Harper is performing system maintenance on Andromeda's computers, when he finds an old backup of her personality profile. He is attempting to study it, when he accidentally restores it. Suddenly, Andromeda does not recognize him, and throws him out of her Virtual Reality matrix. She begins to sound the intruder alert. She seals Dylan in his quarters, demanding he identify himself. When he claims he is her captain, she insists that her commanding officer is Captain Perim. She demands that the "intruders" surrender immediately, or be destroyed.

Trance runs to Command, asking where the intruders are. Andromeda has two androids grab her, saying she might be useful.

Andromeda is broadcasting over the PA system that all known crew members are missing, and intruders have taken over the ship.

The Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence attempts to determine who Rommie is. When Rommie claims to be an avatar of the ship, Andromeda does not believe her. She says that Rommie is an android made to look like her Artificial Intelligence persona, but is not "her". Rommie runs off before the Artificial Intelligence can attempt to disassemble her.

Andromeda announces that she will begin emergency venting in one minute, to get rid of the intruders. The internal defenses begin to fire at Tyr. Andromeda forces Trance to pilot the ship. Trance protests that she cannot navigate the Slipstream, but Andromeda says that she must assist, or be eliminated.

Tyr Anasazi forces his way into Dylan's quarters, to rescue Dylan and Beka. Tyr suggests that they head for the escape pods.

Andromeda's countdown winds down to zero, and she announces that she is beginning venting. Harper, however, has overridden the environmental controls, preventing this.

Dylan suggests that the first priority is to fix the Artificial Intelligence. Tyr counters that they should first get off the ship, where they are safe. The ship, however, is traveling in Slipstream. Dylan points out that ejecting an escape pod while the ship is in Slipstream is not safe.

Andromeda determines that her defenses are ineffective against Rommie, since Rommie can override local systems. Andromeda asks her where their crew is. Rommie tells Andromeda that the Commonwealth has fallen. Hologram-Andromeda does not believe her - she claims that she left San-Ska-Re 5 days ago, and the last thing she remembers is doing a pre-combat personality backup. Viewscreen-Andromeda cuts her off at this point, reminding her that this is a top secret, high security mission, and they should not volunteer any more information than absolutely necessary.

Andromeda tells Trance to go to Slipstream because the mission is critical. Trance tries to convince Andromeda that they are her friends, but Andromeda doubts her, especially since Rev Bem is a Magog.

Harper manages to force the internal defenses into a secure diagnostic routine, disabling them for at least three hours.

Dylan tells Beka and Tyr to get to the Eureka Maru, use the navigation systems to attempt to determine where they are and where they are going, and prepare for launch, just in case.

Rommie joins Dylan, Beka, and Tyr. They are surprised that she is still on their side. She tells them that the personality backup is from a previous mission, but she does not remember it. She concludes that the files were erased, because it was a top secret mission.

Andromeda is under attack as Magog Swarm Ships begin to punch through her hull.

Dylan changes his plan: He sends Tyr to find Harper, and see what he can do about the Artificial Intelligence. He sends Rommie to find Trance and Rev Bem, and he takes Beka with him.

Andromeda still will not let Harper into the Virtual Reality matrix.

Trance tries to turn the ship around and head back, because the course Andromeda has set takes them further into Magog space. Andromeda insists that she maintain course.

The Magog start to move through the ship. Harper starts to panic, but Tyr finds him, and forces him to concentrate on the job at hand. They head for the reactor cores, where Harper can bypass some of the Artificial Intelligence's security measures.

Dylan and Beka get armor and weapons, and head for Command. Dylan and Beka discuss her joining his 300 year "dead" cause and any regrets she has.

The Magog suddenly go quiet, then begin their attack. Tyr is shooting at them, but Harper is paralyzed with fear until Tyr forces him to fight, and they make their way to the Slipstream core. Dylan and Beka are holding off the Magog elsewhere, and Rommie and Rev are holding their own in hand-to-hand combat. On Command, Andromeda is surprised that the crew are fighting the Magog, but she is still not convinced that they are on her side.

Harper is terrified of being infested by Magog. He makes Tyr promise to kill him, rather than let that happen.

Dylan is jumped by a few Magog. Beka kills them, but they badly injure Dylan's shoulder, back, and hip. Beka helps him get to his feet and continue.

Rev Bem is confronted by a Magog who is different from the rest he wears armor, carries a gun, and speaks. He identifies himself as Bloodmist, and he asks Rev why he fights his own kind. Rev says he is a Wayist, and follows the Way of peace. Bloodmist tries to convince Rev to join the other Magog, and take one of the crew as a host for his young. Rommie enters, throws Bloodmist aside, and calls for Rev to follow her out.

Magog are trying to force their way into the Slipstream core, but Tyr is holding them off while Harper jacks into the Virtual Reality matrix. He finds a file that is a record of what happened the last time Andromeda followed this route, but it is secured. He calls to Dylan for help, and Dylan uses an old password (from when he was a lieutenant commander in Argosy Special Operations) to unlock it. When Harper sees what is in the file, he is horrified - he sees Magog swarming through the ship, and the crew all dead.

Harper comes out of the Virtual Reality matrix to find Tyr still fighting Magog. He says that he has started the memory re-integration, and he could do more if he could stay longer, but it is not safe, so they run.

Andromeda begins to remember the previous mission, which she remembers failing.

As Dylan and Beka approach Command, still fighting off Magog, Dylan asks Beka to promise him that if he does not survive, that she will continue the mission. Beka insists that she will not let him die.


Magog attacking


Magog attacking Tyr


Magog eating Harper

Bloodmist is calling to Rev, in the Magog language. He asks Rev his name his Magog name. Rev says that it is "Red Plague". Bloodmist tells him to join them, and learn of the Magog culture and history. He also tells Rev that the Magog were not made by the Divine.

Harper has run out of ammunition, and Tyr has only one shot left. Harper asks Tyr to use that one shot to kill him, and Tyr is about to, when Harper changes his mind, saying that maybe they can fight the Magog hand-to-hand. Tyr is pleased by this change in attitude, uses his last shot to kill a Magog, and hands Harper a knife. The Magog, however, overwhelm them.

Andromeda is still trying to complete her mission: she estimates 100 more jumps to her destination. However, on the next jump, they find a huge structure of 20 planets around an artificial sun.

Andromeda's memories continue to be restored, and she finally recognizes Dylan. She says that she has seen this structure before, but the last time was millions of light years away, in another galaxy. The Magog World Ship was, in fact, the target of her mission. She informs them that the worlds themselves are hollow, and filled with trillions of Magog.

The Magog drag Harper and Tyr to Bloodmist's feet. Rev tries to fight through to save them, killing a number of Magog. Bloodmist is impressed with this increased ruthlessness, but shoots Rev with his gun, shocking him to unconsciousness. Another Magog impales Rommie with a pole, pinning her to the wall, and the Magog drag Harper and Tyr off to the Worldship, where a familiar shadowy figure is seen directing the Magog.

Andromeda finally recognizes Trance and Beka, but more Magog Swarm Ships begin attaching themselves to her hull, and Dylan collapses.

Rev tears off his Wayist medallion and throws it to the floor. He chases after the other Magog who dragged Harper and Tyr away.

The Worldship fires a Point Singularity Projector at the Andromeda, and hits her twice. The Command Center is heavily damaged, and there is a large hole through the ship. Rommie is still pinned to the wall, and Beka, Trance, and Dylan are lying unconscious on the floor. Andromeda calls a "Code Red", but there is no one to hear her.

We again see the shadowy figure directing the attack.

To be continued...


  • The title, as with 2 others that follow soon after, is from The Second Coming.
  • Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr) had a cold during the filming of this episode. His dialog had to be dubbed in afterwards.
  • When Dylan refers to 6 worlds joining the new Commonwealth, many fans were confused. To date, we've only seen or heard of five planets signing the charter (Xinti, Castalia, Scheherezade Drift, Schopenhauer's World, and Enkindu.) So what's the sixth world? The mystery is solved in the season 2 episode "All Too Human", when Mobius (the world from "Forced Perspective") is stated as a charter signatory.

Memorable Quotes[]

Dylan: It's a little-known law of thermodynamics: The Conservation of Optimism. There's only so much to go around.
Beka: In that case, it's simple: lower your expectations.
Dylan: You're right. I officially declare this glass 12% full.
Beka: That's the spirit.

Andromeda Hologram: Stop! Where are you going?
Rommie: To find out what's wrong with me. Sometimes I can be a real pain in the ass!

Dylan: Do you regret it? Signing aboard with me?
Beka: Risking my life? Battling Nietzscheans and Restors and Magog and half the lunatics in the galaxy? All for a cause that's been dead for over 300 years? I wouldn't've missed it for the world.

Tyr: Harper! I know you! I've watched you! You are an annoying little man, but there is fire in your blood! Now use it!!! Are these your demons? Then it is time to face them, now!

Dylan: To hell with the odds. All that matters in life is that we try. Promise you'll try.

Tyr: Where there is life, there is hope!

DVD Release[]

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